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Photo (cropped) of 'our' Red Knot, ALX Red Knot Book Cover sample image

To learn more about shorebird field research, view this downloadable presentation in either Microsoft PowerPoint or format:

The Red Knot in our book, Red Knot: A Shorebird's Incredible Journey, wears a lime-green flag with the letters "ALX." Nancy chose those letters for her dog, Alex. She then learned ALX was an actual Red Knot that was banded in Delaware Bay on May 14, 2004 weighing 115 grams. ALX was sighted wintering in Tierra del Fuego and again in Delaware Bay during May, 2005 and 2006. On May 17, 2007, ALX was photographed by Patricia M. Gonzalez at Fortescue Beach, NJ. On May 21, 2008, ALX was spotted on Fowler Beach and later in Mispillion Harbor, DE.
Let's hope we see him again next year!!

Check it out!Kids Become Naturalists for a day

Third and Fourth graders from Clayton Elementary School in Delaware become naturalists for a day.

Check it out!Corpus Christi Students display their books

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade students from Corpus Christi School researched, wrote, and illustrated their own nonfiction picture books.

Learn more about Nancy's School Programs and having Nancy visit your school!

Would you like to
visit schools in Germany?

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Third and Fourth graders from Clayton Elementary School in Delaware become naturalists for a day.

We went to the school's Nature Center, and we recorded the date, time of day and the weather. Nancy outside with kids
Observing flowers and plants We found a plant
or flower to
observe close up.
We recorded colors,
shapes and textures.
We made sketches with
lots of details.
Kids Sketching
Field Journal Sample Then we went
back to class
and designed our
Field Journal pages.
Field Journal Sample Field Journal Sample
It was great fun! Field Journal Sample

Your own nonfiction picture books!

Nancy worked with 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes to research, storyboard, write, edit, design, illustrate, and fabricate nonfiction picture books. The 4th graders researched the rainforest and illustrated their books using pen & ink, the 5th graders researched weather and illustrated their books using pastels, and the 6th graders researched the ocean and illustrated their books using watercolors.

Each fact was placed on a separate note card, and then arranged in sequence. An outline or web was created, and then a rough draft. Nancy demonstrates pen & ink techniques to the 4th grade.
Note cards, web, storyboard, and
one finished spread.
Using his storyboard as a guide, this 4th grade student prints his text and illustrates a jaguar.
Nancy demonstrates pastel techniques to 5th grade students designing books about an aspect of weather. Tidal wave!
Hurricane! Note the use
of reference photos.
Very nicely done, girls!
Nancy demonstrates watercolor techniques to 6th grade students studying the ocean. 6th grade students refer to both note cards and storyboards when editing their final text down to two or three sentences per page.
A finished cover illustration
on sea stars.
6th grade students
display their books.

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